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Employers are challenged to transform their workplaces in ways that genuinely allow people to thrive at work.
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Dr Wolfgang Seidl
Workplace Health Consulting Leader, UK and Europe, Mercer Marsh Benefits


Health and wellbeing is the new frontier in the diversity, equity and inclusion discourse


Coronavirus and Black Lives Matter have acted as catalysts in the drive towards greater diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). What connects these two seemingly different issues is health and wellbeing. It has becoming increasingly apparent that without compassionate, inclusive, people-centred workplaces, health and wellbeing suffers and, in turn, so does productivity.


REBA’s exclusive virtual breakfast, in association with Mercer Marsh Benefits, brought senior reward professionals from an array of sectors together to discuss the relationship between wellbeing and DEI.


Read the full write-up of the session here and explore views from four senior reward professional who took part in the videos below.


Dr Wolfgang Seidl

Leader of Workplace Health Consulting, UK and Europe, Mercer Marsh Benefits

Dylan Wickenden

HR Director, EMCOR UK

Sally Purbrick

Head of Reward, Anglian Water


Karen Birss

Reward Director, Wood PLC

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