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While ESG targets are now more common in the UK, companies do still lag behind their European counterparts with a low proportion incorporating ESG metrics into annual bonuses or longer term incentives.
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Michelle Sequeira
UK Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consulting Leader, Mercer


Aligning corporate culture and human values


UK firms are increasingly cognisant of the need to make sure that their corporate culture, values and purpose align with wider societal views. Stakeholders, whether that’s customers, investors or the media, expect organisations to live their company values, clearly demonstrating that their policies, practices and employee benefits are fitting with the face that is presented to the outside world.


REBA’s exclusive Aligning corporate culture with human values breakfast event, in association with Mercer Marsh Benefits, brought senior reward professionals from an array of sectors together to discuss how rising values – such as having a purpose, being sustainable, aiming for environmental targets, and promoting diversity, equality & inclusion (DEI) and wellbeing – link with organisational culture, and responsible reward and benefits in today’s corporations.


Read the full write-up of the session here and explore views from senior reward professional who took part below.


Michelle Sequeira

UK Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consulting Leader, Mercer

Jeff Bakes

Head of Total Rewards, IKEA

Andrew Baillie

Head of Total Reward, Ocado Group

Juliet Edmonds

Director of Reward - Europe, Orange

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