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Britain’s Healthiest Workplace: Benchmark your employee health

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Britain’s Healthiest Workplace: Benchmark your employee health
Britain’s Healthiest Workplace: Benchmark your employee health
Calendar20 May 2019

As one of the largest studies of wellness in the UK, Britain’s Healthiest Workplace aims to help the UK’s workers assess just how healthy they really are. The study provides a free-of-charge, comprehensive online health assessment for employers and employees, which measures wellness against a broad range of indicators and celebrates organizations with the healthiest workforces.

Since its inception in 2013, nearly 450 companies and over 158,000 employees have taken part in the study, providing a rich picture of the health of the nation’s workers and invaluable benchmarking insights for employers.


Registration is now open on the Britain’s Healthiest Workplace website, until 17 July 2019.

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Key Findings From 2018*

  • 65.2% of employees – do not eat at least 5 fruit or veg per day
  • 30.1% of employees – are physically inactive (do 150 minutes or less moderate to high-intensity sessions per week)
  • 29.8% of employees – are drinking more than the recommended 14 units of alcohol per week
  • 29.5% – have at least one chronic condition
  • 35.6 days – the average days lost per employee per annum due to health-related absence and presenteeism

Find out how you can cut the cost of your lost productivity

Contact our team today to hear more insights from the 2018 research and learn how other employers are identifying and tackling the underlying health issues in their organisations. Book a free-of-charge session with our experts to model your company’s health risks and discuss the practical steps you can take to improve the productivity – and all-round wellbeing – of your workforce.

* Source: VitalityHealth/ Britain’s Healthiest Workplace 2018


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