The 20s are proving to be a challenging decade for all of us in ways that none of us could have predicted. Having dealt with the many challenges of the COVID pandemic, we are now facing a cost of living crisis, the size of which has not been seen in most of our working lives. With spiralling inflation, rising taxes, increasing interest rates, volatile investment markets and fears of a recession, we are all going to feel the growing strain on household incomes over the coming months, with many having to re-evaluate their future plans. Whatever your personal circumstances, this toolkit aims to help you understand what financial wellbeing means, assess your current situation, find resources to support you and explore what actions you could take to improve your situation – all of which can help to reduce stress and build future financial security.

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Control over the

Not overspending income; debt and expenses are manageable.

Prepared for the

Having the capacity to absorb a financial shock.

Freedom to make
choices in life

Build financial resiliency; access to resources or financial guidance.

On track for
the future

Having a plan for the future; keeping on track.

Example employee benefits that can support your financial wellbeing:


Employee benefits form an important part of your employment package and can help support all aspects of your financial wellbeing from managing the day to day to longer term planning and saving for your future.  Being aware of your employer’s offering will enable you to fill the gaps and ensure you are prepared for all eventualities.  Whether it is a core employee benefit or an additional perk it is important that you are aware of what is available to allow you to make the most of what your employer offers and plan accordingly.


Whilst your employer may not offer all the benefits shown below that can help build and protect your financial wellbeing, take some time to check out what they do offer – you may find some that you are not aware of. 




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