54 Countries, one Total Reward approach

The challenge

In 2016, Ferrero enlisted Mercer’s Communications business to help them establish a uniform way to summarise and present the diverse Total Reward and Benefit packages from across all Ferrero locations worldwide. Over a period of four years, the Total Reward packages would need to be analysed, documented, adapted to fit an agreed structure, and then populated with personal data, to ensure that every Ferrero employee’s Total Reward experience was consistent, but also unique to them. There were a number of challenges to overcome along the way…

  • a consistent approach: although there were some obvious common benefits (e.g. Salary, Short Term Incentives, Variable Pay), some countries had vastly more/less additional benefits than others;
  • language differences: with 54 countries in scope, and with Expat colleagues in many of these, the choice of language would be critical;
  • data: a significant logistical challenge for Ferrero to capture and provide the correct personal and reward information, but also for Mercer to accommodate regular refreshes of personal data;
  • project management: with a core project team spread across four countries, day-to-day activities and coordinating progress meetings often created logistical challenges..

The solution

Mercer and Ferrero developed My Total Reward @Ferrero, an online Total Rewards portal. This consisted of a three-tier approach that allowed all benefits to be displayed on Global, Local and Personal levels:

  • Global: a summary of all benefits offered by Ferrero worldwide;
  • Local: a summary of the benefits offered by Ferrero within each country/geography;
  • Personal: a summary of the Total Reward and Benefits package, including values, offered by Ferrero to each employee.

The portal displays content in both English and Local language, with a simple switch to toggle between the two. Access to the portal is via Single Sign On (SSO) from Ferrero’s intranet, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) protocols. This also allows the system to automatically display the correct local language and currency as soon as an employee accesses the portal.




Ferrero wanted to ensure that the solution was available to every employee instantly, even if they only joined the company the previous day. To enable this, an Authentication Data extract is required by Mercer, to enable the employee to access the solution. This extract is sent by Ferrero every morning, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year, and by midday this has been automatically incorporated by Mercer into the solution. Mercer's Automation software allows all the tasks required to be actioned one after the other, without any manual intervention required. These tasks include:

The results

The pilot site was successfully launched for one country (Germany) in April 2018. This was split into two separate exercises, one for Senior Managers, and then a wider roll-out to all office-based employees.

Wave 1, which involves eight countries (including Colombia, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Russia, Spain and Ukraine), was launched in April-June 2019. Work is now underway on Wave 2, which involves the remaining 45 countries in scope, and will be rolled-out on an ‘as-it’s-ready’ basis, starting from April 2020 and to be completed by December 2020. The project is expected to spread out over a 5-year project timeframe.