Enabling HR to lead on ESG

Sustainability is on every boardroom agenda. It is critical to best-practice risk management.


Research shows that strong sustainability credentials attract the best employees, increase worker satisfaction and productivity. Therefore, sustainability can help protect corporate reputations and be good for society as a whole.


HR is crucial to sustainability. Goals cannot be achieved on their own – people make things happen but how do you understand how your company is organised to deliver on its ESG objectives?


That’s why we created our HR & Sustainability Alignment Diagnostic. 

  What is the HR & Sustainability Alignment Diagnostic?

The diagnostic covers 38 key HR considerations, across eight areas from fostering an inclusive culture to providing retirement support. The diagnostic:

  • Identifies the HR levers that can accelerate achievement of ESG aims
  • Helps the HR function to benchmark their position

  Next steps

The diagnostic is free and takes only minutes to complete online. You will receive personalised results that you can discuss with a Mercer expert. 


Speak to an Expert

David Wreford

David Wreford

Sustainability Consulting Lead

David advises organisations on how to create the holistic, authentic and compelling employee experience that helps them attract, excite and retain their ideal workforce. Increasingly the proposition is defined by responsible and sustainable employment practices.

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