You know that the wellbeing of your people is a fundamental part of their employee experience. It drives productivity and innovation. They are your key workers and their financial wellbeing is vital to them and your business.


It is therefore no surprise that we are increasingly hearing more employers seriously start talking about financial wellbeing, and how it is no longer the optional extra of the wellbeing family.


Whether you want to improve your current financial wellbeing program or create and implement a new one, we have the experience, tools and expertise to help you succeed.


Improving the financial resilience of your people through 2021

As we start to move forward, we continue to hear more employers talking about financial wellbeing, and how it is no longer the optional extra of the Wellbeing family. The goals can be to start, re-promote, or improve their current Financial Wellbeing offering, and for many it will be to promote more centrally as part of their return to work and future normal Wellbeing strategies.


It is also acknowledged that for many organisations who had not developed a rounded Financial Wellbeing programme - that some initiatives would have helped to better prepare their employees to deal with the financial challenges created over the last year.


Please check out our guide. Improving the financial resilience of your people through 2021.


Financial Wellbeing Toolkit for your employees


Regularly updated information including guides, videos and useful links, so you can provide your people with simple and helpful measures to improve their financial understanding and resilience.


If you have already launched the toolkit, but wish to re-promote it, we’ve provided a suggested draft email here.



Did you know?


of employees trust their employer for assistance with financial matters 1


of the workforce admit that money worries affect their performance at work 2

11 million

UK adults have less than £100 in emergency savings 3

1 Mercer; 2018; Healthy, Wealthy, Workwise
2 CIPD; 2018
3 Money Advice Service; 2019


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Continuing to develop support and information for your Company and employees


As we move through 2021, we want to continue to provide practical ways to support your people to maintain and improve their financial wellbeing as best they can.  And even with the positive direction of progress as many businesses again move into the return to work phase, we all recognise challenging times for many employees will continue – and for various reasons.


So we will continue to regularly update the Employer Financial Wellbeing Resource site on current and emerging practices and information that might impact or be of benefit to your employees.


All businesses can continue to use and make the Financial Wellbeing Toolkit site available to their Employees, where they do not have a separate Financial Wellbeing hub or site already.




This site and the materials made available on it are intended for general information only. They do not contain investment, financial, legal, tax or any other advice and should not be relied upon for this purpose. The materials are not tailored to your particular personal and/or financial position. If you require advice based on your specific circumstances, you should contact a professional adviser.


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