Helming Effective Virtual Meetings Tool Kit





If you missed any of the live webinars then the recordings are below

•       Helming a virtual meeting: Session 1: Cognitive theory

•       Helming a virtual meeting: Session 2: Application of cognitive theory

•       Helming a virtual meeting: Session 3: Making it real


The following are the links to the example Helm briefing recordings we shared on the webinar.


•      Chair to Helm example briefing.

•      Delegate to Helm example briefing.


To help you navigate (Helms, did you see what I did there?J). The table below gives the timings of each example call feature:




Helm tool kit


The following tools will aide you in your work as a helm


  1. A template for the helm and chair to prepare for their upcoming virtual meeting (please contact lisa.Wilford@mercer.com who will supply)
  2. An agenda planner tool to help the helm and chair agree soft breaks and interactions (please contact lisa.Wilford@mercer.com who will supply)
  3. A decisions and actions recorder (please contact lisa.Wilford@mercer.com who will supply)
  4. A script for helm to chair briefing
  5. A script for helm to delegate briefing 
  6. A PowerPoint to help you during your briefing where you can share screen and guide the delegate or chair (best viewed in presentation mode). (please contact lisa.Wilford@mercer.com for the ppt version)
  7. An example video of a Helm to Chair briefing
  8. An example video of a Helm to Delegate briefing
  9. Three technology “cheat sheets”

9.1 “Virtual meeting technology basics and set up”

9.2 “Zoom features available and situations to use them”

9.3 “Differences between Zoom and other market leading platforms"

  10. Links to the Making the S.H.I.F.T. introduction video and webinar are below


Making the S.H.I.F.T. Webinar

14 April 2020 - 11.00 GMT


Virtual meetings are the “new normal”. Nicci Take, Mercer UK Wealth Sales Leader, will share best practices and practical advice on to make them effective for you and your colleagues. For some groups, like Trustees, this S.H.I.F.T to virtual meetings has an even greater significance so these insights will help you navigate the situation, ensuring successful outcomes. 

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