As part of your employer’s continued support for you in these changing times, we hope you will continue to find this Financial Wellbeing toolkit and resources site useful.


As we enter a new phase of local and national lockdowns, revised and further-extended Government support, and continuing change to our emerging ways of work – we will be here to help you navigate through the developing positions. 


Mercer, a firm that specialises in helping organisations support their employees’ wellbeing, has provided you with access to free guides and other financial materials they have produced to help you, your families and your friends manage your finances during this continuing period of uncertainty. 





These resources are designed to help you through these difficult times by giving you access to material, links and content that are regularly updated.


Content includes:

  • Practical financial information

  • Money saving hints and tips

  • Checklists and planners

  • Videos on key financial aspects

  • Links to other useful sites providing information on Government suppots available

As we have since April, more content will continue be added and updated regularly. 

Please also visit our mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing toolkits for insights and guidance on these areas.



For us all, focusing on our health and that of our family continues to be our primary concern.  But as we now continue to deal with the impacts, differing work patterns - and learning and adapting to a changed normal - we want to be able to give you a reference point on all relevant Financial Wellbeing impacts and developments, as you adapt to any financial impacts on yours and your families’ lives.


Hopefully this Toolkit will help you take action and take care of your finances, and we would encourage you to do this to help manage your money as effectively as possible over the coming months.


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Key material for you


Please note, due to the continuing (and frequent) changes being made to Government policy and support programme changes, please refer to the “Updated on xx” date on each key document link.  We will aim to update content as soon as possible after new changes are announced/effective.

Practical Personal Finance


Everyone and every household is different and things will continue to change quickly, so there is no one size fits all, but the following list should apply to most of us.


icon Keep your housekeeping in order. Know what savings, investments and loans you have and who to contact
icon Plan ahead. What do you have coming in and going out? What is coming up in the next few months through Christmas and the New Year?
icon Keep your budget plan up to date – Understand your income and outgoings. Review all current expenditure, cancel any unnecessary spend and look to renegotiate existing contracts to free up extra income. Shop around to get the best deals in order to maximise savings
icon Review all existing assets and liabilities. If you have debts look to minimise the interest payments by 0% balance transfer credit card where available, talk to your creditors if you are struggling financially – all major banks have given the UK Government a commitment on treating customers fairly, and still allowing payment flexibility
icon Review your utility providers and current contracts, are there any savings to be made on your existing tariffs by switching?
icon Check Universal Credit eligibility, which is available for people in and out of work.  Support for rental costs will be paid through Universal Credit
icon Travel season or monthly ticket holder – if circumstances change and you have to start to work from home, have to isolate, or are affected by a local or national lockdown, you can still get your money back from travel operators
icon For most forms of debt, you will be able request a three-month payment holiday up-until 31 January 2021, make sure you contact your lender to discuss and update them if you are struggling
icon Be wary of scams –

Look out for further Government announcements and what continuing financial help may be available to you and family members.


Articles and blogs


Find out how our experts are managing throughout the Covid-19 changes, and what they have to say about managing finances and overall wellbeing.


Financial Wellbeing Resource centre
Other easy to access support for you


You can either watch our first video “Making the most of your money during uncertain times”.  Or you can navigate to each section below to watch again at any time you want.


This is designed to take you through a number of key areas and practical information about managing your finances, what help is available from the Government, support being offered by most banks and other financial institutions.


We continue to re-record these videos as the COVID-19 situation progresses, the videos were last updated on the 20th November.

First steps

How budgeting can help

Time off work and getting sick

Managing debt

What if you lose your income

Savings, investments, pensions


Links to other useful sites


This site and the materials made available on it are intended for general information only. They do not contain investment, financial, legal, tax or any other advice and should not be relied upon for this purpose. The materials are not tailored to your particular personal and/or financial position. If you require advice based on your specific circumstances, you should contact a professional adviser.


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