We hope that our Financial Wellbeing information and resources site continues to help you and your employees through these ongoing challenging times.  When we launched our early response support in April, we might have hoped to be moving forward a little more by the Autumn, but instead find ourselves back in various forms of lockdown across the UK.



This Employer Resource site and the Employee Toolkit will remain available, and continue to be updated to help you navigate the key external changes that will continue to affect the financial wellbeing of your employees (and their families and friends) – and to help you continue to improve the support you give them in the coming months, and longer term.


As we enter a new phase of local and national lockdowns, revised and further-extended Government support, and continuing change to our emerging ways of work – for both our businesses and our people strategy and support – we will be here to help you navigate through the developing position. 

Over the rest of this year, we will be making further enhancements to the sites, and updating the Employer Resource site to help you navigate to the future information or support you need from Mercer:


  • our COVID 19 related support material and content
  • our related Wellbeing resources and support
  • how we can help you and your workforce

We will also be introducing some new Financial Wellbeing tools and insights to help you develop or enhance your Financial Wellbeing strategy – to make it truly fit for 2021.


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We have been operating and updating our new Financial Wellbeing resources for nearly seven months, Please take two minutes to complete our brief Survey. It will let us know how useful the material is, so we can continue to improve these resources.

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Building out for the future: Financial Wellbeing that’s fit for 2021


In the same way that the Covid-19 pandemic continues to test the financial health of many organisations, the financial wellbeing of individuals is being tested by the situation we are all finding ourselves in - and the associated uncertainty.


We are increasingly hearing more employers seriously start talking about financial wellbeing, and how it is no longer the optional extra of the Wellbeing family.


It is also very clear with hindsight that some financial wellbeing initiatives would have prepared employees better to deal with the financial challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic. There is little doubt that increased financial challenges and stress over money worries will continue to be a reality for many employees, and their families, for some time to come.


Please check out our brief guide; Getting your People fit for 2021 here, or by clicking the tile below.

Please also visit our physical and mental wellbeing toolkits and our new Employers Career COVID site for insights and guidance on these areas.


Key material for your organisation


Continuing to develop support and information for your Company


As new workplace practices continue to evolve -  against a continued changing and disruptive framework in which we and our employees are dealing with the impacts, and learning and adapting to a changing normal, we want to be able to give you a concise reference point on all relevant Financial Wellbeing impacts and developments.


As we move into 2021, and the next chapter of the pandemic’s impacts, we want to continue to provide practical ways to support your people to maintain their financial wellbeing as best they can, in what will be continued challenging times for many.


We will regularly update the Employer Financial Wellbeing Resource site on current and emerging practices and both external factors such as changing Government and financial institution support and assistance measures that might impact or be of benefit to your employees.


We also will provide updates on organisational trends and new solutions and services coming to the market.

Continuing to develop the Employee Financial Wellbeing Toolkit for your employees


The Financial Wellbeing Employee Toolkit will continue to be updated (latest refresh and additions in November) to keep the information up-to-date and relevant.  Please check it out if you have not accessed it recently.


This means that you will be able to consistently re-promote and provide your employees access 24/7 to useful Financial Wellbeing material – when they need it, and encourage them to make time to focus on taking some simple and helpful measures to improve their financial understanding and resiliency.


This will become even more important as we navigate through the next stage and challenges of the new dynamics and economic and Wellbeing impacts, as we move together into 2021.


Re-promote the site, new feedback Survey and new content to your employees


If you have launched the Employee Toolkit already, but wish to re-promote it to your employees to flag the new and updated content added, please click here to access a draft email we have provided for this purpose. 


This site and the materials made available on it are intended for general information only. They do not contain investment, financial, legal, tax or any other advice and should not be relied upon for this purpose. The materials are not tailored to your particular personal and/or financial position. If you require advice based on your specific circumstances, you should contact a professional adviser.


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