We hope that our Financial Wellbeing information and resources site will continue to help you and your employees through these ongoing challenging times.



We are pleased to confirm that both this Employer Resource site and the Employee Toolkit will remain available indefinitely -  as free resources to help you through the volume of information and external changes that will continue to impact the financial position of your employees (and their families and friends). 


When the time is right, these sites will transition to provide “business-as-usual” Financial Wellbeing content to stay relevant and support you and your employees in this fast-changing world.


We welcome your feedback


We have been operating and updating our new Financial Wellbeing resources for over two months, and we would appreciate it if you could take two minutes to complete our brief Survey. It will let us know how useful you and your employees have found the material, and allow us to collect any feedback you may have so we can continue to improve these resources.


Physical and Mental Wellbeing first
Now it’s time for Financial


For many organisations, the initial response to COVID-19 was to focus on managing the immediate business impacts of the coronavirus restrictions.  Supporting the mental, social, and physical wellbeing of employees was their next priority. 


As the situation has continued to evolve, short- and long-term financial considerations have become a primary concern for a number of employees, and so many companies have taken steps to support their employees.


In the same way Corporate financial health is critical (which has been tested through this period, and will continue to be so over the next 18-36 months) so is the financial health of each and every employee. 


They are all your future “Key workers” – and they need to be supported to become better equipped to help themselves financially in future, as we start to move forward.


As workplace practices continue to evolve and adapt, we want to be able to give you a single factual and concise reference point on all relevant Financial Wellbeing, wider Wellbeing and People strategy impacts and developments.

Please also visit our physical and mental wellbeing toolkits and our new Employers Career COVID site for insights and guidance on these areas.

What will we continue to provide?


As the realities and impacts of the coronavirus pandemic have firmly established themselves in our daily business and personal lives, the focus is now shifting towards safely returning to work and business recovery.  Through these changes we want to provide practical ways to support your people to maintain their financial wellbeing as best they can in what will be challenging times for many.


We continue to regularly update the Employer Financial Wellbeing Resource site on current and emerging practices and both external factors such as changing Government and financial institution support and assistance measures that might impact or be of benefit to your employees.


We will also provide updates on organisational trends and new solutions and services coming to the market.


What continued support can will your employees have access to?


The Financial Wellbeing Employee Toolkit will also remain available indefinitely, and continues to receive updates to keep the information up-to-date and relevant.  Please check it out if you have not accessed it recently.


Available content includes:


  • Our easy to use employee guide “A guide to your money in the time of Coronavirus”.
  • Answers to dozens of frequently asked questions around finances and government measures
  • Other key reference material and useful links.
  • Regular hints and tips to budget better and save money through a number of simple actions.
  • Signposts to other relevant Financial and Mental Wellbeing resources


This means that you will be able to consistently re-promote and provide your employees access 24/7 to useful Financial Wellbeing material through their work or personal devices – when they need it, and encourage them to make time to focus on taking the simple and helpful measures to improve their finances over the coming months.


Repromote the site, new feedback Survey and new content to your employees

If you have launched the Employee Toolkit already, but wish to repromote it to your to your employees to flag the new content added, please click here to access a draft email we have provided for this purpose.


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This site and the materials made available on it are intended for general information only. They do not contain investment, financial, legal, tax or any other advice and should not be relied upon for this purpose. The materials are not tailored to your particular personal and/or financial position. If you require advice based on your specific circumstances, you should contact a professional adviser.


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