It is increasingly challenging for trustees and pension scheme sponsors to manage scheme risk and funding effectively as a result of growing deficits and costs, plus continuing market volatility.

In this series of videos, Mercer’s DB risk experts share their insights, best practices, research, solutions and key tips with you.

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  • 5 Opportunities to Manage Risk
  • Integrated Risk Management
  • Longevity Risk
  • Member Options
  • Alternatives
  • Cashflow Driven Financing
  • Corporate Sponsor Perspective
  • Bulk Annuities Market
  • Life expectancy – new ways to assess the risk
  • Fiduciary Management
  • Covenant Consulting
  • Governance – 21st Century Trusteeship

Managing Defined Benefit Pension Risk

With continued market volatility, low interest rates, inflation and uncertainties around global markets, it is necessary for everyone to be more active about managing scheme risk.

Increasingly, trying to achieve funding and risk objectives with only the traditional toolkit is becoming less and less effective and a joined-up approach to covenant, funding, and investments is now required. There are increasingly sophisticated solutions available and whether you are considering the use of longevity hedging, cashflow driven financing or bulk annuity transfer techniques to manage and mitigate risk, understanding where schemes need to get to and agreeing clear objectives is the first step.

Linked together, the approaches below may help schemes materially address the financial risks we have all seen so clearly in recent years. Low yields and high market volatility clearly do present challenges, but a robust plan can bring valuable opportunities to reduce risk at an acceptable cost.

There are more videos and white papers to come on this page so please visit us regularly to view the latest updates on a number of Defined Benefit pension risk solutions.

Get started on Managing Pension Risk: two key videos from Mercer Leaders


5 Big Opportunities to Manage Risk

Alan Baker, Mercer’s UK DB Risk Leader, considers 5 steps that trustees and sponsors might want to address the financial risks faced by their schemes.

  Creating an effective integrated risk management framework
Le Roy van Zyl, Senior Consultant at Mercer’s Financial Strategy Group, considers the merits of an integrated approach to DB pension risk management, and the elements required to create an effective IRM framework.
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More about DB Destination Planning: watch our other videos on Pension Risk Management. 


Longevity Risk: Are you ready to hedge?

Andrew Ward, Mercer’s Head of Longevity Swap Consulting, discusses the importance of longevity risk for DB pension funds, and how to manage this issue.


Member Options: Increasing Choice, Reducing Risk

Matthew Demwell, Partner and UK Head of Member Options at Mercer, discusses how offering members more choice can be of benefit not only to plan members but also to the sponsor and trustees.

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Alternatives in DB Strategy

Phil Edwards, European Director of Strategic Research at Mercer, looks at alternatives as an increasingly important part of pension scheme strategy.


Cashflow Driven Financing

Norbert Fullerton, Partner at Mercer’s Financial Strategy Group, considers Cashflow Driven Financing (CDF) as an innovative way for DB pension schemes to address their liquidity, funding and investment challenges.

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Corporate Sponsor Perspective

Adrian Hartshorn, UK Leader of the Corporate Pensions Advisory Group at Mercer, considers why it’s important for corporate sponsors to play to play an active role in determining how pension scheme deficits are funded.


Bulk Annuities Market

Martyn Phillips, Partner at Mercer’s Bulk Pensions Insurance Advisory, discusses the state of the UK bulk annuity market, covering buy-ins and buyouts. He looks at how the market continues to evolve, with better and more effective ways to transfer pension risk.

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Life expectancy – new ways to assess the risk

Glyn Bradley, Principal in Mercer’s Innovation, Policy and Research, discusses new tools and modelling techniques available now to help pension trustees and sponsors understand longevity risk of their schemes.


Fiduciary Management

Ben Gunnee, Head of Mercer’s Fiduciary Management (UK), discusses the role of fiduciary management in the design and implementation of a robust investment strategy for defined benefit pension schemes.

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Covenant Consulting

Darren Masters, Head of Mercer’s Covenant Consulting Group, discusses what the employer covenant is, why it is important and how it informs wider trustee decision making.


Governance – 21st Century Trusteeship

Marion de Voy, UK DB Governance Leader, discusses what effective trusteeship and governance looks like, what some of the challenges might be and how these can be addressed.

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