Shifting the focus from individual to team performance on a global scale

The challenge

Anglo American was working with Mercer to design a new performance management approach to be implemented across the company’s diverse global workforce. The challenge for Anglo American was not just about implementing new processes, but about creating a sustained change in culture, shifting the organisation from a focus on individual performance to individual and team performance.

Anglo American wanted to:

  • create consistent global communications that could be used for very different local audiences, including employees working for DeBeers, a part of Anglo American operating under a separate brand;
  • empower local managers and teams to deliver against challenging performance targets; and
  •  shift the focus of all employees from just their individual performance to thinking about their own role within the success of the wider team.

The solution

Mercer worked with Anglo American to create communication and training materials to support the global launch of the new approach to performance management. This included:

  • creating a new brand identity, including a DeBeers tailored option, to differentiate this from a change in processes and position it clearly as a shift in culture and behaviours;
  • designing a cascade approach to communication, which created centralised, consistent materials that were shared with local managers given the responsibility for delivering them in a way tailored to their own teams; and
  • producing a wide range of content for different audiences, including: messaging for senior managers; training presentations for HR teams, and content for an online learning portal to help all employees understand the changes and what is expected of them.

Mercer also provided significant project management assistance and guidance for delivering change to the Anglo American project team. This supported them in keeping the leadership of the company informed and successfully delivering against their goals.

The results

  • Effective communication of clear, global messages tailored for local audiences enabling all employees to understand the new simplified approach to performance management.
  • A meaningful shift in company culture, with employees around the world more focused on the role of the success of the team, not just their individual performance.
  • Empowerment of local HR teams and managers who better understand and are better equipped to perform their roles within the new performance management approach.