Our Company Culture

Simply put, we come to work because we want to make a difference in people’s lives. At Mercer, our purpose is to make a positive difference in people’s lives by helping advance their health, wealth and careers. We do this by living within our carefully structured Mercer house, where our daily values support our strategic imperatives, which in turn support our overarching mission and purpose.

Mission and Purpose: The Greater Good

Our four strategic imperative pillars support our mission and ultimately allow us to make a difference in people’s live. Our business and company culture are rooted in this sense of purpose, which dictates our values and allows us to do best by our people, clients and shareholders alike.

PRIDE Values

Every day, in our work with clients and our relationships with each other, we demonstrate our Mercer PRIDE values. These values form the foundation for the four strategic imperatives under which we run our business: invest in our people, broaden client relationships, improve customer experience and deliver profitable growth


  • Passion to win and be the best at what we do, reflected in our people, thought leadership, solutions and clients
  • Respect  for diversity: listening to and collaborating with others, being inclusive and bringing the best ideas forward
  • Integrity  in everything we do: knowing what is right and acting responsibly with our clients, colleagues and communities
  • Innovation  that anticipates our client needs and reshapes the marketplace
  • Dedication  to serving our clients with unparalleled quality and proven success
  • Empowerment  to act like business owners and be accountable for our decisions


We Value Diversity

Respect for diversity is one of our core values. It’s so important to us that we have a strategy in place to increase the diversity of our workforce and make sure that every unique voice is heard. This is good for our business — diverse work teams tend to have greater success — and good for our colleagues. You know that you can bring your whole self to work every day and that you will be celebrated and appreciated for who you are.

The strength of our diversity

An inclusive culture isn’t just good for our people, it’s good for business, and embracing diversity and fostering inclusivity is a key business priority. As part of our commitment to shaping the future, we bring our whole selves to our work — our colleagues, as well as our clients, are celebrated and appreciated for who they are. Our goal is to make sure everyone has a voice.

Hear our CEO, Martine Ferland, and other Mercer leaders and colleagues talk about diversity at Mercer.

"By respecting, valuing and leveraging all aspects of diversity, we drive greater innovation, and offer a competitive advantage that differentiates our client teams, products, services and solutions."


Find Instant Community at Mercer

Which Business Resource Groups (BRGs) will you join? By participating in BRGs — communities of employees organized around a common diversity dimension — you can network, share views, learn from others and further your professional growth and development.


All BRGs are open to all employees. Learn more about some of our global BRGs below.  


A commitment to volunteering

As part of our commitment to building brighter futures, we make a positive difference in our communities by volunteering our time and skills to local initiatives, from strategic nonprofit partnerships focused on mentoring to programs dedicated to disaster response and rebuilding communities. Learn more about our volunteering efforts by exploring the Mercer Cares business resource group in the Community section below.

Find instant community at Mercer

Community is the cornerstone of our diversity. Participate in business resource groups (BRGs) — communities of employees organized around a common dimension — to network, share views, learn from others and further your professional growth and development.

All BRGs are open to all colleagues and everyone is encouraged to participate. Which will you join? Learn more about our global BRGs below.



The Women@Mercer program aims to support and expand gender balance, our global community of women’s networks, and promote Mercer’s internal and external gender-diversity brand in order to maximize Mercer’s ability to recruit, develop, retain and advance female talent.


Racial and Ethnic Diversity

The Racial and Ethnic Diversity BRG works to help Mercer be the employer of choice for the best and brightest diverse talent. The group fosters an inclusive work environment where employees from diverse backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities can thrive as professionals and contribute to Mercer’s success.



Mercer’s LGBTA PRIDE BRG is dedicated to helping Mercer realize the full value of the firm’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer and transgender+ colleagues while supporting Mercer’s strategic imperatives.


Rising Professionals

The Rising Professionals BRG connects, develops and empowers driven, ambitious and diverse colleagues through networking and programming for professional and developmental growth.



AccessABILITIES@Mercer aims to enhance a culture of inclusion for colleagues with a disability and caregivers, creating a workplace built on empathy, dignity, trust and respect to let everyone’s abilities shine. Membership is open to all colleagues. 

Mercer Cares: Helping People Beyond Our Business

The Mercer Cares BRG harnesses our people’s passion for making a meaningful difference in our communities through volunteering. Mercer colleagues have the opportunity to make an impact together by mentoring students, improving community health and wellness, supporting veterans’ groups and volunteering to support a variety of other causes.

We make it easy for our colleagues to volunteer by offering one paid workday off each calendar year for volunteer service with a nonprofit or charitable organization.

Find out more about the great work we do in Mercer Cares.


You’ll have access to a network of more than 6,000 Mercer colleagues around the world and be the first to know about Mercer’s latest innovations, culture change initiatives, job openings and more.