You’re a business owner, with employees that you value. You have one eye on the competition, and know that to stand out from other employers you need a strong remuneration package - and pay may not be enough.


But you are considering the money. You have overheads, budgets, expenses to consider as well as your payroll. Introducing employee benefits is going to be a valuable investment, but may impose a significant additional expense. Why would you want to pay the cost of using a broker? Aren’t you just paying more for the same result? You can save costs by going direct, can’t you?


This seems like a logical train of thought for employers looking to set up benefits for the first time, especially in the age of self-serve, comparison site insurance purchasing. But there’s more to us than just shopping around. To get the most out of your benefits and save your valuable time, using Elect can have many advantages.


What are the challenges for small businesses?


Small businesses with small headcounts often find themselves restricted by what is available in the market. Some can even be left feeling the insurers that they talk to about their benefits needs aren’t interested in, or don’t want, their business.


If this is you, Elect is made for businesses just like yours..


Why Elect can help


We specialise in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and micro employers, those with as little as just one or two employees, and these represent a large number of Elect’s valued customers. Our proposition has the needs of the smaller company in mind and our whole ethos sits on principles of saving time, saving money and getting you better benefits. Our schemes can be tailored into a bespoke solution that meets your specific requirements, so you are not restricted to an off-the-shelf or diluted solution.


By becoming an Elect client, you have the opportunity to achieve results that only a much larger company would normally get access to.


So, you can not only expect better benefits and the unique enhancements you’ll only get with Elect, but also less underwriting and form-filling. Because the insurers we partner with, value the relationship they have with us and our customers as well as Elect representing a large amount of business to them, they work harder to service our clients well – therefore leading to faster, more efficient administration.


That’s all on top of the benefits of expert advice, regular market testing, legislative updates and a consultative approach to making your benefits work for you.


Let Elect add value. It’s what we do best.



If you would like more information on how Elect can help, get in touch with an Elect consultant on 0800 023 2785 or fill out the form below.


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