Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. Whatever your industry, the people you employ can make all the difference to your success – and valuable employees deserve meaningful benefits.


At Elect, we protect your people and your business with employee benefits that make a tangible difference to their lives. If you run a fast-growing business with between 1 – 250 employees, Elect can offer you an employee benefits plan that includes features such as Private Medical Insurance, Critical Illness Cover, Pensions, and Group Income Protection, so your employees can remain engaged with your business and live with peace of mind.



Why is it important to offer employee benefit programmes?


Simply put, it gives back what your employees put in. Figures tell us that a disengaged workforce has a significant detrimental effect on the overall output of your employees; they have 37% more absences and are 18% less productive – all leading to lower profitability and a decreased share price1.


It’s not just about offering them a free cup of coffee or money off at a restaurant – Elect’s employee benefit services can help your workforce in a more meaningful way.


We partner with a range of renowned employee benefits providers including BUPA, AXA and Vitality, helping us to design a comprehensive company benefit plan that works alongside your business culture, all at a competitive price.


What do we offer?


When it comes to running a growing business, you need to know you have everything in place to mitigate the risks that are associated with managing a workforce of up to 250 people.


We offer a wide range of products, including:

  • Group Income Protection
    Long-term staff absences, whether a result of sickness or serious injury, can run up huge costs for your business and leave your employee in dire financial straits, protect them and yourself against these instances with Group Income Protection Insurance.
  • Group Life Assurance
    If a valued employee passes away, Group Life Assurance will help you pay a tax-free lump sum to the family, helping to show kindness and gratitude at a very difficult time.
  • Private Medical Insurance
    Private Medical Insurance is a hugely attractive benefit for employees. It will allow them to beat the NHS waiting list and get seen more quickly, allowing them to receive treatment and get back to work more quickly.
  • Digital Services
    We enable our clients to manage how they quote, buy and communicate employee benefits to their workforce. Our digital solutions also provide 24/7 access to benefits information on a platform that offers a range of HR tools to help you get on with managing your benefits and your people efficiently.


Why choose Elect as employee benefits advisors?


We understand employee engagement and work hard to create tailored benefit packages that work with the specific needs of your workforce.


Company benefits plans come in a number of shapes and sizes, and there is not a one-size-fits-all package. This means that you get a made-to-order employee benefits programme that underpins your company culture and enhances morale and advocacy, as well as creating an environment based on trust and engagement.


Experts in Employee Benefits


Employee satisfaction is an integral part of running a business. As a fast-growing company, you need to demonstrate how important your team is as you continue to expand. If you are operating with between 1 – 250 employees, we can help you – fill out our enquiry form to learn more or get a competitive quote.


As part of the global Mercer Marsh Benefits™ family, Elect has an established history of providing small and medium-sized companies with employee benefits. You can be sure that the employee benefits you get by working with Elect will be cost-effective for you and appreciated by your employees. We know that you don’t want to spend a lot of your time worrying about employee benefits and you can rest easy knowing that you have best-in-class benefits at affordable prices from our chosen providers.


Elect by Mercer Marsh Benefits offers a wide range of benefit solutions that meet the needs of your employees. Our employee benefits experts know how important it is for businesses of all sizes to be able to provide simple and flexible employee benefits solutions for your valued employees whether your team is one, two, or a hundred and two.





  • What is Elect?

    Elect is a broking and advisory service designed specifically for SMEs providing better benefits at an affordable price, delivered simply. Your employees can benefit from a range of schemes including; Pension, Private Medical Insurance, Group Life Assurance, Group Income Protection, Critical Illness, Dental, Travel and Cash Plans.

  • What makes Elect different?

    Elect gives you access to competitive, benefit-rich solutions normally only available to larger companies. Using our strong relationships with the insurers, we have negotiated unique solutions only available to Elect customers:

    • Competitive and sustainable pricing
    • Simplified processes with less form filling and administration
    • Agreed provider service levels and dedicated insurer teams
    • Flexible design options
    • Additional products within the standard terms, including health assessments or dental and optical coverage at no additional cost.

  • Who should I contact to discuss an employee benefits query?

    Please contact the Elect team on 0800 0232 785 or complete our contact form.

  • Is Mercer Marsh Benefits a broker?

    Yes. Elect is a broking and advisory service from Mercer Marsh Benefits that acts as an insurance broker and adviser for our customers.

  • How will I decide what employee benefits to offer in my industry?

    Using our team of employee benefit experts we can provide anything from an intuitive understanding of the market to a full bench marking report helping you understand your market and your market position when planning what to offer and who to cover.

  • What do I need to consider when setting up my employee benefits plans?

    What drives your decision to provide employee benefits – do you want to be an employer of choice using employee benefits to give you competitive advantage, do you want to offer a mid-range package that mirrors others in your market or do you want to offer the minimum level of benefits to satisfy legislation?

    Who do you want to cover – are you seeking to provide benefits for all of your staff, those that have shown loyalty and worked for you for a long time or maybe those who are the most senior in your business?

    How much do you have to spend – what restrictions do you have on budget, what will be available in future years?

    The Elect team can help you think this through and provide a solution based on the answers you provide.

  • What do I need to do to set up an Elect plan?

    You will need to provide us with some data so that we can get you quotations. Once you have decided to proceed, there will be a small amount of paperwork required to set up or transfer a policy. Your Elect contact will help you every step of the way.

  • Can I mix and match employee benefit plans?

    Yes, many of our clients have a mixture of Pension, Private Medical Insurance, Group Life Assurance and Group Income Protection plans and offer different benefit levels and cover for different categories of staff. Our job is to help you get your employee benefits set up to your requirements with the minimum hassle to you.

  • What information do I need to provide to get an employee benefits quotation?

    Different information is required for different plans. Broadly though, you will need to provide employee details such as age or date of birth, location, occupation, salary etc. Your Elect contact will be able to help you to gather the correct data so that you can get an accurate quotation.

  • What happens when an Elect plan needs to be renewed?

    When you set up a plan through Elect, you will be given named contacts who are specialists in employee benefits. They will be available to you to answer any questions and provide support on an ongoing basis. At your annual renewal date, your specialist contact will help you with your renewal and ensure that it gets completed on time and as simply as possible.

  • Can you look after my existing employee benefits?

    Yes, this is a very simple process. We will provide you with a template letter to sign that appoints us to your existing plans. From that point onwards we will look after that policy for you, liaising with the insurer on your behalf.


Please get in touch with us on 0800 023 2785 to find out how we can help your business.

Alternatively, please complete our contact form here