The challenges faced by Mercer’s clients don’t fit neatly into any one category, and neither do our employees ... we like it that way.


At Mercer, we pride ourselves on having a diverse and inclusive culture, where different perspectives – professional and personal – are respected and welcomed. Our clients expect innovative solutions to their most complex business challenges, and it is through our collective diversity that we are able to offer an unmatched array of products, solutions and advice.


Diversity is one of our core values, and our efforts to become a more diverse and inclusive environment centre around our commitment to our employees, to our clients, and to the communities in which we work.


D&I Matters at Mercer


At Mercer we openly respect the differences among our colleagues to create an inclusive environment where the best people can bring their full selves to work. We leverage the unique ideas and contributions of our employees to offer business solutions that attract clients and grow our bottom line.


We know that to compete in today’s global economy, we must attract, develop, engage, and retain the best people from diverse talent pools. A strong diversity and inclusion strategy, and thought leadership in this important area, allows us to serve our clients and lead our business toward a more cohesive and high-performing culture. Our diversity & inclusion initiatives also directly support Mercer’s mission, operating imperatives, and PRIDE values.


Our commitment is evident through our EDGE certification, being on The Times UK Top 50 Employers for Women list and our extensive global gender parity research project “When Women Thrive”.


Leadership Structure


Our UK Executive Leadership team meets separately as the UK Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Council to ensure we are driving diversity and inclusion actions directly as a leadership team. Our UK D&I Advisory Group comprises selected, passionate and committed colleagues across the UK, who act as an advisory panel to the UK D&I Council and ensure the lived experiences of our colleagues are understood and issues addressed.


Our D&I Champions network is the fundamental underpinning of this structure, bringing everything to life in a meaningful and practical way in every UK office.


Business Resource Groups


Mercer’s employee networks represent various communities within our employee population. Network activities focus on fostering understanding and inclusion in the workplace and providing a means for employees to interact and exchange views. The networks also strive to enhance the professional growth and development of their members. Externally, the networks work to strengthen client relationships, corporate citizenship and build ties to the communities in which our company serves.


Our business resource groups (BRGs) offer networking and development opportunities to a number of diverse employee groups. They align their goals to support Mercer’s business strategy, and impact recruitment and retention, community partnerships, and client relationships. Here are the three main BRGs in the UK.


  • The Vine is our gender balance network. Their goal is to champion the growth, development, and success of women and men at Mercer and to maximise their contribution to the success of our business.
  • Mercer’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies (LGBTA) Network is a BRG dedicated to helping Mercer realise the full value of the firm’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender employees while supporting Mercer’s operating imperatives.
  • The Rising Professionals Network connects, develops, and empowers driven colleagues who are striving for professional and developmental growth. Their goal is to build a sustainable growth model for empowering, developing, and engaging diverse professionals to grow and thrive within Mercer.
  • The Accessibility and Inclusion network at Mercer incorporates mental health and disability. Their mission is to be a voice for the issues faced by people living with disability and caregivers - focusing on support, education and awareness, both internally and externally. They have a particular focus on supporting positive mental health for all.