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Our LiveWell programme is better than ever! We have been delighted with the results we’ve achieved through working with your team over the past four years. With our new, more holistic approach, our employees’ health and wellbeing has dramatically improved – as has their engagement with their benefits programme, what we have on offer is now much more appreciated.
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Jignna Patel
Jignna Patel
Head of Reward, Live Nation Entertainment



The challenge


Back in 2013, Live Nation Entertainment identified a concerning level of unhealthy habits amongst its workforce. As a responsible employer, LNE wanted to promote a healthier lifestyle. So they partnered with us, and together they developed and launched the ‘LiveWell’ programme with some exciting new employee benefits.


Fast forward four years and, while the ‘LiveWell’ brand had become well-recognised internally and employees were making the most of the benefits on offer, LNE felt it was lacking something. They identified that what they needed was a more holistic total wellbeing strategy that demonstrated a real commitment to its employees. With five different businesses spread across 37 locations in the UK and a large casual workforce of over 4,700 people with irregular hours, it was going to be a challenge to create an offering to suit everyone.


Two key objectives were set; to improve their employee’s health and wellbeing, and to reduce LNE’s overall Vitality Age Gap (the gap between employees’ actual age and their Vitality Age based on lifestyle and clinical risk factors).


The next step was to carry out extensive consultation and research, including focus groups, to give employees a voice on the benefits and initiatives offered, and how LiveWell could continually be improved.



The solution


Working together with us, LNE completely transformed LiveWell, making it the overarching wellbeing strategy to promote holistic employee health and wellbeing, both in and out of the workplace. It encompasses five pillars; EatWell, MoveWell, ThinkWell, BudgetWell and ChooseWell, with all wellbeing activities and benefits offered now branded under the relevant pillar and communicated as part of the wider LiveWell Brand. Each pillar is colour-coded to ensure that the initiatives are instantly recognisable across all communications.


Just some of the innovative initiatives LNE offer to improve health and wellbeing are hypnotherapy to help quit smoking, interactive cooking lessons, mocktail design competitions, mental health awareness talks, free onsite massages, free fruit baskets, yoga classes, unlimited holiday and offering £5k to employees to pay towards their student loan.


In order to ensure the scheme remains relevant and appropriate to the workforce, there are 32 volunteer LiveWell ambassadors and six mental health ambassadors, who also help to create a buzz around the programme. Something that has also helped increase take-up and engagement is that employees can see the true value of all of these rewards via Darwin, and the benefits team ensures the education around LiveWell starts right when a new employee joins.



The result


LiveWell’s transformation has vastly improved employee health and wellbeing! With EatWell, there has been an 8.5% reduction in employees eating unhealthily. MoveWell has seen a 21.4% reduction in employees with insufficient physical activity. ThinkWell has helped to tackle employee financial concerns – only 10.5% of employees say they worry about their finances, while BudgetWell’s fantastic student loan programme means only 3% of employees now have a student loan. With ChooseWell, there has been a 14% reduction in the number of employees who smoke!


Overall, LNE has managed to lower their Vitality Age Gap to 3.1 (vs 4.1 in 2016) and to top it off, in a recent survey 90.2% of employees said they are proud to work for the company!


Result in numbers Result in numbers

Result in numbers


Reduction in employees eating unhealthily


Reduction in employees with insufficient physical activity


Vitality Age Gap compared to 4.1 in 2016


Of employees said they are proud to work for the company

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