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Talent Is the Final Frontier

The market landscape is changing at an unprecedented pace. Customer and client expectations are constantly evolving. Companies are merging at historic rates. Technology is developing faster than the market can keep up with. So what competitive advantage is left?

The answer: people. Your people are your only irreplaceable assets, the ones who will make the difference now and for years to come.

How Do You Build a Competitive Workforce?

What do you need to do today to ensure your organisation succeeds tomorrow?

Maybe the future of your business lies in retaining more of your female workforce, embracing innovation, or developing leaders with a global mindset. Perhaps you’re dealing with multiple generations and working styles, or you’re having trouble finding highly skilled employees in niche fields.

We see these challenges as solutions in the making. By getting to the core of your talent needs, we can provide you the right solutions for a more productive and happier workplace.

A 360-Degree View

It’s hard to find an organisation that understands talent better than Mercer.  Since 1937, when we started helping employees access benefits, we’ve been expanding our talent and HR capabilities to the market-leading position we occupy today.

We don’t just design the right strategies for your talent needs — we see them through to delivery. We keep an eye on trends, analyse information, and deliver research at a level unmatched by our competitors. We develop strategies that allow organizations to align their talent functions with their overall business objectives. Then our best-in-class consultants implement these strategies, tailoring them to your specific needs to give you measurable results.

We can make work more engaging, more satisfying, and more fulfilling for both HR professionals and employees. By helping HR leaders optimise talent and rewards strategies, we help employees get the most out of their careers.

How We Can Help

Mercer’s talent experts have been helping organisations from multinationals to start-ups with their people for more than 80 years through consulting, information solutions, technology, tools, and exclusive research. We make it our job to keep you ahead of the market with our holistic approach to all things talent.

We’re ready to assist in all of the following areas:

  • Talent strategy.
  • Talent mobility.
  • Workforce rewards
  • Executive rewards.
  • Employee communication.
  • HR transformation.
Mercer Talent Solutions

Talent Strategy

Mercer’s Workforce Planning helps organisations identify critical jobs and skills as well as measure gaps in talent supply.
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Workforce Rewards

Mercer provides clients with an objective, informed, and analytical approach to workforce rewards that align with business strategy.
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Executive Compensation and Rewards

Mercer combines experienced consultants with big data analytics and advanced technology to help clients make timely decisions about their workforces.
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Talent Mobility

Mercer can help design a time-sensitive and cost-efficient mobility strategy to meet your organisation’s critical demand for talent.
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HR Transformation

Mercer can help transform Human Resources organisations by developing sophisticated HR strategies, HR technology strategies, and new HR operating models.
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Employee Communications

Mercer consultants help organisations create a strategic and engaging approach to communications to help companies effectively communicate and motivate employees about benefits, compensation, rewards, and organisational changes.
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Mercer is much more than a deployment partner. We understand the Workday maturity lifecycle from pre-deployment to ongoing Production Support as a Service (PSaaS).
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