Events | Confident DB Trusteeship Module 1 & 2


Confident DB Trusteeship Module 1 & 2

24 March - 15 September 2016  United Kingdom, London

    • This course is designed to help pension trustees become more proficient and effective in their important and demanding roles. The course has a practical focus and goes beyond technical knowledge to focus on developing the skills needed to be a more effective trustee.

      Course participants are challenged to make decisions, enabling them to perform more confidently in future boardroom discussions, and approach trustee decisions in an informed and objective way

    • The Confident DB trusteeship course focuses on the journey trustees take through the life of a DB Pension scheme, and the decisions they must make along the way. It is held over two one-day modules. The content covers:

      Module 1

      • Integrated funding
      • Investment
      • Covenant
      • Governance


      Module 2

      • Journey planning
      • De-risking
      • Liability management
      • End-game

      The modules can be taken individually, but we recommend that both are completed in order.

    • The course is primarily designed for trustees, but can also be an ideal learning opportunity for HR and Finance teams who want to improve the management of their employee benefits.

      The course does not deliver basic technical training for new trustees as this is available through the Regulator’s Trustee Toolkit. We will assume that course participants will have completed the Toolkit – or have an equivalent level of recent and relevant experience.

      If you have not completed the Toolkit, Mercer offers a ‘Toolkit Blitz’ that you may find useful. Find out more here