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Mercer UK Pension Buyout Index

The Mercer UK Pension Buyout Index can help you plan ahead for a buyout or a buy-in of your UK defined benefit pension liabilities. The index allows you to monitor trends in the pricing of a buyout/buy-in relative to other key financial metrics of your pension plan on an indicative basis.

Each month Mercer uses up-to-date pricing information to illustrate the likely trend in the economics involved in insuring the benefit obligations of your pension plan.

You can subscribe to receive monthly reports based on a representative mature pension plan.

The report includes:

  • The cost of a buyout and buy-in against accounting and funding liabilities
  • UK market-wide statistics

Subscribe here.

Mercer sources pricing for the index from the following leading UK buyout/buy-in insurers, which combined placed 95% of business written by premium size in 2013.



Mercer also offer free monthly report specific to your pension plan at no cost. This report will allow for your plan’s demographics, asset levels and funding obligations.

For more details, please contact Sarah Casey on +44 (0)20 7178 3185.

To discuss how Mercer can help you transfer your pension obligations to an insurer, please contact David Ellis on +44 (0)113 394 7591.                                                                                             


Our global buyout index provides benchmarks from 18 independent third party insurers in four Defined Benefit markets with significant buyout interest. The global index allows you to monitor the general trend in the pricing of pension annuity transactions in the US, the UK, Ireland and Canada.

You can find out more and view the latest global index here.