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The complexities, nuances, and dependencies that factor into every investment decision grow exponentially each year. To effectively manage and grow investments requires a higher level of rigor and specialisation. It’s a level of expertise few organisations can achieve — and it’s what sets Mercer apart. Our global team of 1,200 professionals and 120 manager researchers provides in-depth expertise in research, advice, and solutions that very few can match.

Research and Tools — a Deeper Dive

At Mercer Investments, our Global Investment Manager Database (GIMD™) contains ratings on more than 10,000 investment strategies. Investors can quickly scan strategies and get the depth of information they need to make informed decisions.

A Higher Caliber of Advice

Mercer provides clients who make their own investment decisions with independent and objective advice. Our clients benefit from the collective wisdom of Mercer’s global insights and perspective, while our local specialists provide timely and detailed advice based on regional market dynamics.

Proven Investment Solutions

Mercer’s fiduciary management solution is designed for clients who want to delegate some or all of their decisions. Our specialist investment managers develop customised strategic allocation advice and provide continuous governance and portfolio oversight.

More Than 3,000 Clients and Growing

Today, Mercer’s Investments business is helping more than 3,300 advisory and 440 fiduciary clients, and that list is growing every day.

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Mercer Investments Solutions


Mercer's dedicated Insurance Investment specialists offer all types of insurers solutions across the spectrum of investment, risk and governance issues.

We help clients develop their risk management strategy and incorporate risk management into their governance processes. We define “managing risk” broadly as we reduce risk through diversification and risk transfer option, while also helping clients stay aware of additional risks they are proactively taking in their portfolios. Because of this broad definition, we can customize solutions to your own specific situations and circumstances. By developing a holistic road map, we create a thoroughly integrated approach to managing risk so you can reach benchmarks and achieve objectives in the most efficient way.


MercerInsight® is a simple-to-use cloud-based platform for institutional investors and investment managers to gain access to insights and analytics

This powerful platform provides globally, comprehensive coverage of the products available to institutional investors and the ability to view a wide range of information from quantitative analysis on performance and holdings data through to the ratings and recommendations from Mercer’s global manager research boutiques made up of over 100 full time staff.

Responsible Investment

Responsible Investment (RI) is focused on the integration of environmental, social & corporate governance (ESG) risks and opportunities into the investment process, along with the exercise of active ownership (voting and engagement). RI champions sustainable investment approaches that consider these ESG risks and opportunities, recognising their material impact on long-term risk and return outcomes.

Taking a long-term view is never easy, especially when short-term demands require so much consideration and compete for the attention of already stretched resources. It involves challenging the status quo, questioning how capital could be better allocated and utilised, and considering what risks might emerge in the future.

Mercer’s Global Investment Manager Database

Mercer’s Global Investment Manager Database (GIMD) is a proprietary, web-based database containing information on more than 5,700 investment managers.

This global repository provides information and insights on investment managers and strategies across all asset classes: equities, bonds, real estate, and alternatives.

Research Boutiques

In the wake of the global economic crisis, the institutional asset management industry is poised for fundamental change. The needs of institutional investors are global, complex, quickly changing and influenced by market events that call into question tried and tested investment practices.

Each boutique, staffed with professionals who have research and consulting capabilities, conducts forward-looking, institutional-quality research of investment management products, and works closely with both internal and external clients on manager structuring and selection projects.

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